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Freehand Books was established in 2007 as the literary imprint of the academic publisher Broadview Press with a very simple mandate: to publish excellent Canadian literature. Our list is an aesthetically diverse, award-winning collection of fiction, poetry, and creative nonfiction by both established authors and exciting new voices. We pride ourselves on our careful attention to detail throughout the editorial process, the high production quality and innovative design of our titles, and our creativity in the marketing and promotion of each book.

In 2016 Freehand Books became an independent press. The change comes as Freehand enters into its ninth year and publishes its fortieth title. Freehand will be moving forward with the same simple mandate that has made it a success from the start: to publish excellent Canadian literature. There will be no changes to the editorial and management boards, or to the staffing, distribution, or sales representation. Freehand Books and Broadview Press will maintain their alliance through the change.

Freehand titles may be purchased through the Broadview website, and you may view more information about the press by visiting their own website.

Freehand: Great books. Great reads.

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