Proposal Format

Proposals are usually between 3 and 8 pages long and should include the following:

  • description of and rationale for the proposed project, including a Table of Contents
  • discussion of the ways in which the project speaks to current teaching practices and scholarly interests
  • discussion of the project’s potential market
  • if primary sources are included, discussion of relevant textual and translation issues
  • overview of competing or complementary books (in the case of Broadview Editions, please note that any competing text you are aware of should be mentioned, even if it does not include any apparatus comparable to that found in Broadview Editions)
  • proposed date of completion
  • tentative title
  • estimated total length of the manuscript (an approximate word count is required)
  • list of non-textual items (charts, graphs, illustrations)
  • if a companion website or online component is to be included, description of its content
  • proposer’s CV

Queries should be sent by email rather than post, and proposals should be sent as email attachments (in Word format).