Table of Contents

Thomas Hardy: A Brief Chronology
A Note on the Text
Tess of the d’Urbervilles

Appendix A: General Preface to the Wessex Edition of 1912

Appendix B: Bowdlerized Passages from the Graphic

Appendix C: Hardy’s “Saturday Night in Arcady” (1891) and “The Midnight Baptism” (1891)

Appendix D: Hardy’s Map of Wessex (1895)

Appendix E: Hardy’s “Tess’s Lament” (1911)

Appendix F: Contemporary Reviews

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  11. From D.F. Hannigan, The Westminster Review (1892)

Appendix G: Contemporary News

  1. “Execution of the Convict Martha Brown” (14 August 1856)
  2. “Accident” (17 October 1872)
  3. [“The Turberville Coach”] (4 June 1885)
  4. “Shocking Suicide” (2 August 1888)

Appendix H: Contemporary Debates on Women, Sexuality, and Fiction

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Appendix I: Hardy’s “Candour in English Fiction” (1890)

Appendix J: Excerpts from Hardy’s Autobiography

Works Cited and Recommended Reading

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