Table of Contents


Characters of Intellect: Portia (1832)
Anna Jameson

Achievements of the Genius of Scott (December 1832)
Harriet Martineau

Review of Vanity Fair and Jane Eyre (December 1848)
Elizabeth Rigby Eastlake

People Who Do Not Like Poetry (May 1849)
Eliza Cook

Editor’s Preface to the New Edition of Wuthering Heights (1850)
Charlotte Brontë

Silly Novels by Lady Novelists (October 1856)
George Eliot

To Novelists—and a Novelist (April 1861)
Dinah Mulock Craik

The Uses and Pleasures of Poetry for the Working Classes (1863)
Janet Hamilton

Review of Cometh Up as a Flower (April 1867)
Geraldine Jewsbury

Novels (September 1867)
Margaret Oliphant

A Remonstrance (November 1867)
Mary Elizabeth Braddon

On Fiction as an Educator (October 1870)
Anne Mozley

Browning’s Poems (December 1870)
Elizabeth Julia Hasell

Jane Austen (August 1871)
Anne Thackeray Ritchie

Style and Miss Austen (December 1884)
Mary Augusta (Mrs. Humphry) Ward

Women’s Books—A Possible Library (May 1889)
Helen Blackburn

Literature: Then and Now (April 1890)
Eliza Lynn Linton

Christina Rossetti (February 1895)
Alice Meynell

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