Table of Contents


Part I: The Nature of Sport

A. Playing Games

  1. Johan Huizinga, “The Nature and Significance of Play”
  2. Bernard Suits, “The Elements of Sport”

B. Defining Sport

  1. John W. Loy, Jr., “The Nature of Sport: A Definitional Effort”
  2. Klaus V. Meier, “Triad Trickery: Playing With Sport and Games”

C. Sport Epistemology

  1. Margaret Steel, “What We Know When We Know a Game”
  2. Jason Holt and Laurence E. Holt, “The ‘Ideal’ Swing, the ‘Ideal’ Body: Myths of Optimization”

D. Exploring Physicality

  1. Dennis Hemphill, “Cybersport”
  2. Iris Marion Young, “Throwing Like a Girl: A Phenomenology of Feminine Body Comportment, Motility, and Spatiality”

Part II: Rules and Values

E. Sport Aesthetics

  1. David Best, “The Aesthetic in Sport”
  2. Peter J. Arnold, “Sport, the Aesthetic and Art: Further Thoughts”

F. Banning Drugs

  1. Robert L. Simon, “Good Competition and Drug-Enhanced Performance”
  2. W.M. Brown, “Paternalism, Drugs, and the Nature of Sports”

G. Breaking Rules

  1. Craig K. Lehman, “Can Cheaters Play the Game?”
  2. Simon Eassom, “Playing Games With Prisoners’ Dilemmas”

H. Beyond Rules

  1. Leslie A. Howe, “Gamesmanship”
  2. Randolph M. Feezell, “Sportsmanship”

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Posted on October 29, 2015