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A Note on the Text
Eliza Haywood: A Brief Chronology

Love in Excess; or, The Fatal Enquiry

  • Bookseller’s Dedication
  • Part the First
  • Part the Second
  • The Third and Last Part

Appendix: Some Eighteenth-Century Responses to Eliza Haywood

  1. Anonymous
    Verses Wrote in the Blank Leaf of Mrs. Haywood’s Novel (1722)
  2. Richard Savage
    1. To Mrs. Eliza Haywood, on Her Novel, called The Rash Resolve (1724)
    2. From The Authors of the Town; A Satire (1725)
  3. Anonymous letter from The Ladies Journal
    (Dublin, 1727)
  4. Jonathan Swift
    Corinna (1728)
  5. Alexander Pope
    From The Dunciad, Variorum. With the Prolegomena of Scriblerus (1729)
  6. James Sterling
    To Mrs. Eliza Haywood on Her Writings (1732)
  7. William Rufus Chetwood
    From A General History of the Stage; (More Particularly
    the Irish Theatre) From its Origin in Greece down to the
    Present Time. With the Memoirs of the Principal Performers,
    that have appeared on the Dublin Stage in the Last Fifty Years

    (Dublin, 1749)
  8. David Erskine Baker
    From Biographica Dramatica; or, A Companion to the
  9. Clara Reeve
    From The Progress of Romance, through Times, Countries,
    Manners; with Remarks on the Good and Bad Effects of It,
    on Them Respectively; in a Course of Evening
    , “Evening VII”

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