Table of Contents

Doris Lessing: A Brief Chronology
A Note on the Text

A Home for the Highland Cattle
The Antheap


A. Excerpts from reprinted interviews:

1. “Interview with Doris Lessing.” Roy Newquist. Counterpoint (1964).
2. “An Interview with Doris Lessing.” Eve Bertelson. Journal of Commonwealth Literature (1986)
3. “The Art of Fiction…: Doris Lessing.” Thomas Frick. The Paris Review (1988)

B. Reviews

C. Stories by Contemporary African Women Writers

1. Mabel Dove Danquah “Anticipation”
2. Efua Sutherland “New Life at Kyerefaso”

D. Historical Documents

1. Three miners’ letters
2. The Empire Settlement Act of 1922
3. Ethel Tawse Jollie, The Real Rhodesia
4. “The Colour Bar”: Letter to the Editor, The Manchester Guardian
5. Report on Urban conditions in Southern Rhodesia
6. Report of the Commission of Enquiry regarding the Social Welfare of the Coloured
7. Community of Southern Rhodesia
8. Godfrey Huggins, “Southern Rhodesia”

Select Bibliography

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