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Geoffrey of Monmouth: A Brief Chronology
A Note on the Text

The History of the Kings of Britain

Appendix A: Major Historical Sources

  1. From Gildas, The Ruin of Britain (De Excidio Britanniae)
  2. From Pseudo-Nennius, The History of the Britons (Historia Brittonum)

Appendix B: Merlin

  1. The Apple Trees (Afallennau)
  2. Geoffrey of Monmouth, The Life of Merlin (Vita Merlini)
  3. From Gerald of Wales, The Journey Through Wales (Itinerarium Kambriae)

Appendix C: King Arthur, From Myth to Man

  1. From Aneirin, The Gododdin
  2. From What Man is the Gatekeeper? (Pa gur yw y porthor?)
  3. From The Stanzas of the Graves
  4. From Trioedd Ynys Prydein:The Welsh Triads
  5. From The Legend of St. Goeznovius (Legenda Sancti Goeznovii)
  6. From William of Malmesbury, The Deeds of the Kings of the English (Gesta Regum Anglorum)
  7. From Caradoc of Llancarvan, The Life of Gildas (Vita Gildae)
  8. From Gerald of Wales, The Description of Wales (Descriptio Kambriae)
  9. From Gerald of Wales, The Education of Princes (De Principis Instructione Liber)
  10. From William Caxton’s Preface to Sir Thomas Malory’s Le Morte Darthur

Appendix D: Early Responses to Geoffrey of Monmouth

  1. From Henry of Huntington, Epistle to Warin the Briton
  2. From Gerald of Wales, The Journey Through Wales (Itinerarium Kambriae)
  3. From William of Newburgh, The History of the Deeds of the English (Historia Rerum Anglicarum)
  4. From Ranulf Higden, Polychronicon

Works Cited and Recommended Reading

Index of Proper Names

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