Table of Contents



Education of Mary Shelley
Education of Victor Frankenstein
Education of the Monster
Evolution of the Novel

A Note on the Text

Mary Wollstonecraft Shelley: A Brief Chronology

Frankenstein; or, The Modern Prometheus

Volume I
Volume II
Volume III

Appendix A: The Education of Mary Shelley

1. Godwin
2. Wollstonecraft

Appendix B: The Education of Victor Frankenstein 264

1. Darwin
2. Davy

Appendix C: The Education of The Monster

1. Volney
2. Goethe
3. Plutarch
4. Milton
5. Wollstonecraft

Appendix D: Reviews of Frankenstein

1. Scott, Blackwood’s Edinburgh Magazine
2. The Edinburgh Magazine
3. Croker, Quarterly Review
4. P.B. Shelley, Athenaeum

Appendix E: Presumption (excerpt)

Appendix F: Substantive Variants in the 1831 Edition

Appendix G: Introduction [1831]

Works Cited / Recommended Reading

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