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Christopher Marlowe: A Brief Chronology of His Life and Times
A Note on the Text

Edward the Second

Appendix A: Marlowe’s Historical Sources

  1. From Raphael Holinshed, The Third Volume of Chronicles of England, Scotland, and Ireland (1587)
  2. From John Stow, The Annals of England (1592)

Appendix B: From Michael Drayton, Mortimeriados (1596)

Appendix C: The Diana-Actæon Myth

  1. From Arthur Golding, The XV Books of P. Ovidius Naso (1567)
  2. Sonnet V of Samuel Daniel’s Sonnet Sequence Delia (1592)

Appendix D: On Friendship

  1. Thomas Elyot, “The True Description of Amity or Friendship” (1580)
  2. From Francis Bacon, “Of Friendship” (1625)
  3. From Richard Barnfield, “The Tears of an Affectionate Shepherd Sick for Love or The Complaint of Daphnis for
    the Love of Ganymede” (1594)

Appendix E: Sodomy

  1. “An Act for the Punishment of the Vice of Buggerie” (1587)
  2. Edward Coke, “Of Buggery, or Sodomy” (1644)
  3. From Philip Stubbes, The Anatomy of Abuses (1583)
  4. From Thomas Beard, The Theatre of God’s Judgements (1597)

Appendix F: Kings and Tyrants

  1. From An Homily against Disobedience and Wilful Rebellion (1570)
  2. From Hugh Languet, Vindiciae contra Tyrannos: A Defence of Liberty against Tyrants (1648)
  3. From James I of England and VI of Scotland, The True Law of Free Monarchies (1603)

Works Cited and Further Reading

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