Table of Contents


The Sisters
A Little Cloud
The Dead

In Context

A. Joyce’s Other Writings

  1. from James Joyce, “James Clarence Mangan” (1902)
  2. from James Joyce, “Ireland, Island of Saints and Sages” (1907)
  3. from James Joyce, “Gas from a Burner” (1912)

B. Letters

  1. From George Russell
  2. To Nora Barnacle
  3. To Stanislaus Joyce
  4. To Grant Richards

C. Historical Contexts

  1. from The Objects of Inghinidhe na hÉireann, United Irishman
    (13 October 1900)
  2. from Mary Butler, “Some Suggestions as to How Irishwomen May Help the Irish Language Movement,” Gaelic League Pamphlet No. 6 (1901)
  3. Women and Catholic Church Choirs
    1. from “The Singers,” Tra le Sollecitudini, Motu Proprio
      (22 November 1903)
    2. from Papal Letter to the Cardinal Vicar of Rome (8 December
  4. from “Women Students,” Final Report of the Commissioners of the Royal Commission on Trinity College, Dublin, and the University of Dublin (1907)

D. Literary Contexts

  1. from John McCall, The Life of James Clarence Mangan (1887)
  2. from E.ΠSomerville and Martin Ross, The Real Charlotte (1894)
  3. Berkeley Campbell, “The Old Watchman,” The Irish Homestead (2 July 1904)

E. Songs

  1. Thomas Moore, “O, Ye Dead” (1808)
  2. Frederic Clay and W.G. Wills, “I’ll Sing Thee Songs of Araby”

F. Reviews

  1. from Anonymous, Times Literary Supplement (18 June 1914)
  2. from Anonymous, Athenaeum (20 June 1914)
  3. from Ezra Pound, “Dubliners and Mr. James Joyce,” The Egoist (15 July 1914)

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