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Elizabeth Gaskell: A Brief Chronology
A Note on the Text


Appendix A: Pre- and Post-Cranford Texts

  1. Elizabeth Gaskell, “The Last Generation in England” (1849)
  2. Elizabeth Gaskell, “The Cage at Cranford” (1863)

Appendix B: Cranford Correspondence

  1. Letters of Charles Dickens (1850–53)
  2. Letters of Mrs. Gaskell (1851–65)
  3. Letters of Charlotte Brontë (1852–53)

Appendix C: Contemporary Reviews and Tributes

  1. From [Henry Forgehill Chorley], The Athenaeum (25 June 1853)
  2. The Examiner (23 July 1853)
  3. Harper’s New Monthly Magazine (September 1853)
  4. “A Few Words on Social Philosophy,” Blackwood’s Edinburgh Magazine (April 1858)
  5. “Mrs. Gaskell,” The Nation (7 December 1865)

Appendix D: Industrialization and Moral Responsibility

  1. From Adam Smith, The Theory of Moral Sentiments (1759)
  2. From Maria Edgeworth, The Parent’s Assistant or Stories for Children (1796?)
  3. From Elizabeth Gaskell, Mary Barton (1848)

Appendix E: Class, Conduct, and Etiquette

  1. From Charles Day, Hints on Etiquette and the Usages of Society with a Glance at Bad Habits (1836)
  2. From Anon., Etiquette for the Ladies (1837)

Appendix F: Economies Political and Domestic

  1. From Sarah Stickney Ellis, The Women of England (1839)
  2. From Eliza Acton, Modern Cookery in All its Branches (1845)
  3. From Isabella Beeton, Beeton’s Book of Household Management (1861)
  4. From J.S. Mill, Principles of Political Economy (1848)
  5. From Charles Lamb, Essays of Elia (1823)
  6. From George Eliot, Scenes of Clerical Life (1857)

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