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List of Illustrations
A Note on the Text
Marx and Engels: A Brief Chronology

The Communist Manifesto

Appendix A: From Flora Tristan’s Tour de France, September 1844

Appendix B: Letter from Engels to Marx, November–December 1846

Appendix C: Engels, Draft of a Communist Confession of Faith, 9 June 1847

Appendix D: Marx, “The Communism of the Rheinischer Beobachter,” September 1847

Appendix E: Communist Journal, No. 1, September 1847

Appendix F: Engels, “Principles of Communism,” late October 1847

Appendix G: Letter from Engels to Marx, 23–24 November 1847

Appendix H: Engels, “On the History of the Communist League,” 1885

Appendix I: Engels, “The Labour Movement in America.” Preface to the American Edition of The Condition of the Working Class in England, 26 January 1887

Appendix J: Engels, “Notes On My Journey Through America and Canada,” late September 1888

Appendix K: Engels, “Impressions of a Journey Round America,” late September 1888

Appendix L: Manifestoes

  1. The Brunswick Manifesto (1972)
  2. a. Report on the Manifestoes of the Allied Kings Against the Republic (1793)
    b. Reply of the National Convention to the Manifestoes of the Kings leagued against the Republic (1793)
  3. Manifesto of the Equals (1796)
  4. Manifesto of the Delegates to their Countrymen (1797)
  5. Proclamation by Robert Emmet (1803)
  6. Manifesto of the Productive Classes of Great Britain and Ireland (1833)
  7. Manifesto Addressed to the People of Canada by the Constitutional Committee on Reform and Progress (1847)
  8. “Manifesto to Europe” (1848)

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