Table of Contents

William Godwin: A Brief Chronology
A Note on the Text
Preface to the 1794 Edition

Caleb Williams

Appendix A: The Composition of the Novel

  1. The Original Manuscript Ending of the Novel
  2. Godwin’s Account of the Composition of the Novel from
    the Preface to the 1832 “Standard Novels” Edition of
  3. Godwin’s Account of the Novel’s Aims, from the British
    (July 1795)
  4. Godwin’s Essay, “Of History and Romance” (1797)

Appendix B: The Foundations of the Novel: Godwin’s Political
Philosophy and England in the 1790s

  1. Select British Responses to the French Revolution
    1. From Edmund Burke, Reflections on the Revolution in France
    2. From Thomas Paine, Rights of Man (1791)
  2. From William Godwin, Enquiry Concerning Political Justice
  3. From William Godwin, Enquiry Concerning Political Justice
  4. From Godwin’s Correspondence

Appendix C: Criminal Lives and the State of the Prisons

  1. From the Account of Jack Sheppard, in The Malefactor’s
    Register; or the Newgate Calendar
  2. From John Howard, The State of the Prisons (1777)

Appendix D: Literary Influences: Crime and Pursuit Narratives and Scenes of Confrontation

  1. From Mateo Alemán, Guzmán de Alfarache (1599)
  2. From The History of Mile, de St. Phale (1691)
  3. From Daniel Defoe, Colonel Jack (1722)
  4. From Samuel Richardson, Pamela (1740-41)
  5. From Thomas Holcroft, Anna St. Ives (1792)

Appendix E: The Influence of Caleb Williams

  1. From George Colman, The Iron Chest (1796)
  2. From Mary Wollstonecraft, The Wrongs of Woman: or, Maria (1798)

Appendix F: Contemporary Reviews

  1. From the Critical Review (July 1794)
  2. From the British Critic (July 1794)
  3. From the British Critic (April 1795)
  4. From the Monthly Review (September 1794)
  5. From the Analytical Review (January 1795)
  6. From James Mackintosh, Review of Godwin’s “Lives of
    Edward and John Philips,” Edinburgh Review (October
  7. From William Hazlitt, The Spirit of the Age (1825)
  8. Review of the 1831 edition of Caleb Williams, New
    Monthly Magazine
    (May 1831)

Works Cited/Recommended Reading

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