Table of Contents



  • Verbs and Verb Tense Difficulties
    Dangling Constructions
    Sequence of Tenses
    Irregular or Difficult Verbs
    Infinitives, Gerunds, Objects: “To Be or Not To Be?”
    Preposition Problems: “Up With Which I Will Not Put”
    Singular and Plural Difficulties
    Pronoun Problems: Who Cares About Whom?
    Part of Speech Conversions: A Question of Principle?
    Word Meanings: Are Cars Ever Stationery?
    Word Order Problems
    Too Many Words, Too Few Words
    One Word or Two?
    Usage: Word Conventions

Style, Structure, and Substance

  • Putting Ideas Together
    Direct and Indirect Speech
    Generalization, Abstraction, Jargon, and Doublespeak
    Bias-Free Language
    Metaphor and Meaning
    Slang and Informal English


  • The Writing Process
    Writing by Computer
    Format and Spelling
    Vocabulary: Some National Variations
    Special Writing Situations:
    • Academic Writing
    • Business Writing
    • Writing About Literature
  • Documentation
    For Those Whose Native Language Is Not English

Appendix 1: A Reference Guide to Basic Grammar
Appendix 2: Correction Key

Posted on October 29, 2015