Table of Contents

Eliza Haywood and Henry Fielding: A Brief Chronology
A Note on the Text
A Note on British Money

Anti-Pamela; or, Feign’d Innocence Detected
An Apology for the Life of Mrs. Shamela Andrews

Appendix A: Women’s Work

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  2. Richard Steele, The Spectator no. 155 (1711)
  3. Samuel Johnson, Idler nos. 26 and 29 (1758)
  4. Eliza Haywood, from Fantomina; or, Love in a Maze (1724)
  5. Samuel Richardson, from Pamela; or,Virtue Rewarded (1740)
  6. Eliza Haywood, from A Present for a Servant-Maid (1743)
  7. Mary Collier, from “The Woman’s Labour” (1739)

Appendix B: Sexuality

  1. Attempted rape scene from Samuel Richardson, Pamela (1740)
  2. James Boswell, from The London Journal (1762-63)
  3. Daniel Defoe, from Conjugal Lewdness; or, Matrimonial Whoredom (1727)
  4. Richard Steele, from The Spectator no. 266 (1712)

Appendix C: Pamela and the Print Trade

  1. Title-pages (Pamela, Anti-Pamela, and Mrs. Shamela Andrews)
  2. Samuel Richardson, from Pamela (1740)
  3. Conyers Middleton,“Dedication” to History of the Life of Marcus Tullius Cicero (1741)
  4. Colley Cibber, from An Apology for the Life of Mr. Colley Cibber (1740)

Appendix D: Education and Conduct Books

  1. Richard Allestree, from The Whole Duty of Man (1658)
  2. Lady Sarah Pennington, from An Unfortunate Mother’s Advice to her Absent Daughters (1761)
  3. Lady Mary Wortley Montagu to Lady Bute (1753)

Appendix E: Map of London in Anti-Pamela and Shamela

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