Table of Contents



Lewis Carroll: A Brief Chronology

A Note on the Text

Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland

Appendix A: Carroll’s Alice’s Adventures Under Ground

Appendix B: Carroll’s The Nursery Alice

Appendix C: Carroll’s “Alice on the Stage”

Appendix D: Carroll’s Symbolic Logic

Appendix E: Carroll’s Diaries and Letters

Appendix F: Remembering Lewis Carroll

1. Alice Hargreave’s “Alice’s Recollection of Carrollian Days”
2. Isa Bowman, “Lewis Carroll, As I Knew Him”

Appendix G: Contemporary Reviews of Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland

Appendix H: Poems Parodied in Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland

Appendix I: Contemporary Children’s Literature

1. William Makepeace Thackeray, The Rose and the Ring (1855)
2. George MacDonald, Phantastes (1858) and The Light Princess (1864)
3. Charles Kingsley, The Water-Babies (1862-63)
4. Julia Horatia Ewing “Amelia and the Dwarfs” (1870)

Appendix J: Lewis Carroll’s Photographs of Alice, Lorina, and Edith Liddell

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