Table of Contents

A Note on the Text
Charlotte Brontë: A Brief Chronology

Jane Eyre

Appendix A: Prefatory Material to Subsequent Editions of Jane Eyre

  1. Preface to the Second Edition of Jane Eyre
  2. Note on the Third Edition of Jane Eyre

Appendix B: Charlotte Brontë: Correspondence on Being a Governess

  1. To Emily Brontë, June 8, 1839
  2. To Ellen Nussey, January 24, 1840
  3. To Ellen Nussey, March 3, 1841

Appendix C: Jane Eyre and the Governess Question

  1. “Hints on the Modern Governess System” (Fraser’s Magazine)
  2. “Governesses Benevolent Institution” (Punch)
  3. Sarah Lewis, “On the Social Position of Governesses” (Fraser’s Magazine)
  4. Elizabeth Rigby, Review of Jane Eyre, Vanity Fair, Governesses Benevolent Institution Report for 1847 (Quarterly Review)

Appendix D: Jane Eyre and the Proper Young Woman

  1. Sarah Stickney Ellis, The Daughters of England: Their Position in Society, Character and Responsibilities

Appendix E: Race, Empire, and the West Indies

  1. Thomas Carlyle, “Occasional Discourse on the Negro Question” (Fraser’s Magazine)
  2. John Stuart Mill, “The Negro Question” (Fraser’s Magazine)

Appendix F: Jamaica and Governor Eyre

  1. Despatch from Edward John Eyre, “The Insurrection in Jamaica” (The Times)
  2. “The Outbreak in Jamaica” (The Times)
  3. Editorial (The Times)
  4. Charles Buxton, Letter to the Editor (The Times)
  5. “The Jamaica Question” (Punch)
  6. “The Bold Governor Eyre and the Bulls of Exeter Hall” (Punch)
  7. John Stuart Mill, “Statement of the Jamaica Committee” (The Daily News)
  8. Thomas Carlyle, Letter to Hamilton Hume
  9. John Ruskin, “A Speech in London” (The Daily Telegraph)

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