Critics’ Reviews

“This text provides a solid foundation for an introduction to business ethics. Accessible introductions to the sections and to individual articles, combined with discussion questions at the end of each article, make for a pedagogically useful text. The Foundations section provides a concise introduction to different theoretical approaches to ethics, and I am pleased to see the inclusion of a chapter on feminist theory and business ethics, something I have long thought was needed in texts like this. Drawing on classical and new works, the range of topics is short enough to cover in one semester yet broad enough to engage in many of the issues encountered in the field.” — Kira Tomsons, Philosophy Instructor, Douglas College

“In this fine volume, extended excerpts from an array of writers are paired with concise introductions and questions for discussion that illuminate the ethical concepts at hand. This book leads readers toward practical applications while challenging their preconceptions of right and wrong in business.” — Scott E. Randolph, Department of Business Administration and Management, University of Redlands

Posted on June 27, 2018