Critics’ Reviews

“Students often feel stifled about writing and lack the passion to polish their skills in composition and rhetoric. The World is a Text opens doors for writers, and it enables students to understand the power of reading and writing for life. I absolutely love the addition of chapters on Nature, Sports, Fashion, and Technology. These topics are terrific, and they broaden the scope of the book.” — Colleen Ruggieri, Ohio University

The World is a Text is eminently accessible; familiar in its rhetorical vocabulary and engagement with writing process; and comprehensive in projecting subject matter for college writing classes. From pop-culture topoi like fashion, music, and sports to complex social problems rooted in identity, gender, race, and technology, Silverman and Rader provide a wealth of invention heuristics in a dozen categories. Most interesting, perhaps, The World is a Text links writing self-consciously to reading—that crucial, complementary literate practice too often taken for granted in college writing textbooks.” — Peter Vandenberg, DePaul University Chicago

Posted on May 15, 2018