Critics’ Reviews

“A surprising Broadview decision to publish the slum novella A City Girl, by the socially aware Margaret Harkness, has produced an important edition, brilliantly edited by Tabitha Sparks. The story is filled with clichés, yet contains unique descriptions of grim, for-profit tenements, written in an intimate, non-partisan tone. What rivets attention is the volume as a whole, not only the expected but wonderful contemporary reviews but also pieces by Friedrich Engels—a fascinating response written to Harkness herself—Eleanor Marx, Jack London, Beatrice Potter, and others. Taken together, A City Girl, Broadview edition, offers much more than supplements to Harkness’s competent story; with satisfying richness, it opens a teeming vista onto the impoverished world of the story. This is a book not only for students but also for all nineteenth-century buffs interested in darkest London, the title of a later Harkness fiction.” —Adrienne Munich, Stony Brook University, Co-Editor, Victorian Literature and Culture

Posted on August 19, 2017