Critics’ Reviews

“This is an extraordinarily useful, usable, and affordable reference and supplement for students, writers, and editors. More and more, professionals and students are being called upon to document materials in varying styles, especially in MLA, Chicago, and APA, and this guide offers a convenient and clear reference for the most oft employed styles. In particular, the MLA update is extremely welcome given the guide’s inclusion of the new approach to documenting in MLA as well as multiple specific examples of both traditional sources (like print books and academic journal articles) and more recent source types (such as graphic narratives, tweets, and online video). I was particularly impressed with the entries that provided different examples for sources based on the access or presentation model for the source, such as an interview published in print in a newspaper versus an interview accessed via an online video posting.” — Brian Gastle, Western Carolina University

The Broadview Pocket Guide is an efficient and effective tool for all kinds of learners in all academic disciplines and successfully demonstrates the most-used citation styles of the academic curriculum. The Pocket Guide is particularly insightful in terms of defining and avoiding plagiarism with real-world examples of its professional and academic consequences. Its multiple-view approach includes descriptions, examples, and online links which accommodates all student learning styles. Especially welcome are its practical elements—charts of signal phrases, citation tables that help use the new MLA style, bullet points at the end of each section which highlight the most significant elements of each style, and sample essays—all of which provide quick and easy access for students as they write and edit academic papers.” — Aleksondra Hultquist, Stockton University

“The second edition of Broadview’s Guide to Citation and Documentation incorporates everything you need for referencing across style guides into one efficient handbook. The editors include recent changes adopted by the MLA, and provide citation information for an expanded variety of digital and live media, from online videos to entries in a wiki. Much appreciated is the extended section on plagiarism, which clearly explains when, and not just how, to cite quoted material—indispensable for students at all levels of research.” — Tabitha Sparks, McGill University

Comments on the first edition of The Broadview Pocket Guide to Citation and Documentation:

“This is a clear, concise, and immensely helpful guide for writers in the humanities—at any level. I appreciate having one source that documents so efficiently the growing range of research sources—from information databases to web-based projects and all varieties of printed material. It will be required reading for my students, and I am looking forward to the convenience it will offer me in my own research and publication.” — Tabitha Sparks, McGill University

“… aimed primarily at the North American student market, a very useful small, reasonably priced [book] is Maureen Jeannette Okun’s The Broadview Pocket Guide to Citation and Documentation. Okun clearly explains the four different style systems: [MLA, APA, Chicago, CSE]. This guide concludes with a ‘Sample Essay (MLA Style)’ ….” — William Baker, Oxford University Press Journals: Year’s Work in English Studies

Posted on July 8, 2016