Critics’ Reviews

“The world needs Mill’s vision as much as ever, and this fine student edition of one of his classic works should win a wide readership.” — Bart Schultz, University of Chicago

“Bailey’s introduction to this new edition of J.S. Mill’s acclaimed Utilitarianism is concise and elegant. It also succinctly highlights the significant charms of classical utilitarianism as well as the anxieties that continue to motivate its foes.” — D. Weinstein, Wake Forest University and Universität Oldenburg

“This is an especially valuable edition for introducing an eager student to Mill’s Utilitarianism. While the editor’s introduction is philosophically mature, and appropriately balances context, defense, and criticism, my highest praise of it is that I actually got goosebumps from the way in which Mill’s own voice explains his famous depression and recovery.” — Russell DiSilvestro, California State University Sacramento

Posted on June 28, 2016