Critics’ Reviews

“Sarah Leavitt uses the medium of comics to tell her story with more economy and power than either words or
pictures could muster by themselves. She brings a good eye for the telling detail—the small observations that
reveal larger truths—to her memoir of a family in crisis. Tangles is the work of a perceptive, creative,
and honest storyteller” — Brian Fies, author of Mom’s Cancer

“Brimming with humility and insight, Leavitt proves herself a skilled and unflinching memoirist. Her spare,
evocative illustrations and the tender restraint of her prose will leave you breathless, heartbroken, and profoundly
grateful.” — Nancy Lee, author of Dead Girls

“An extraordinarily moving and vivid account, in text and cartoon-style pictures, of the life and death of an
Alzheimer’s patient.” — John Bayley, author of Elegy for Iris

Tangles comprises brief chapters that move back and forth in time. And it is guided by the open-hearted pen of the author, who manages to balance the stories of her mother as a principled individual and a dedicated educator in her professional life alongside detailing the engulfing humiliations of Alzheimer’s, such as when her mother is no longer able to dress or feed herself, and, when incontinent, needs to be bathed….Samuel Johnson once wrote that ‘the true art of memory is the art of attention,’ and those words have been well served by Tangles. Under the watchful gaze of Sarah Leavitt and through the making of a graphic memoir—another form of ritual—the life of her mother is now bound and contained.” — Bernice Eisenstein, The Globe and Mail 10/16/2010

“As the rate of Alzheimer’s continues to increase as the population ages, Tangles joins Jeffrey Moore’s novel The Memory Artists and Sarah Polley’s film Away from Her at the head of a list of illuminating and much-needed artistic responses.” — Ian McGillia, National Post 12/10/2010

Posted on November 2, 2015