Critics’ Reviews

What Should I Believe? is an excellent little volume that takes its title question seriously and tries to answer with both prudential and normative meanings. Gomberg (Chicago State Univ.) has assembled a worthy set of essays to answer this question, ranging from the classic essays of Peirce, Clifford, and James to his own sincere efforts to guide students in their understanding of belief.” — S.C. Schwarze, Cabrini College in CHOICE Volume 49.8, April 2012

“This is a wonderful selection of readings for a course in Critical Thinking, as well as wonderful reading for anyone who wonders what critical thinking about difficult and controversial topics consists in—a question that concerns all of us as citizens and as human beings.” — Hilary Putnam, Cogan University Professor Emeritus, Harvard University

“This is an exciting, pathbreaking anthology. In taking critical thinking itself as a topic for philosophical reflection, What Should I Believe? moves us on from John Dewey’s famous How We Think. Gomberg’s insightful commentary molds these essays into a new framework for thinking about society, science, religion—and indeed about the very character of belief. This is a fresh approach to “critical thinking” both for the classroom and for our lives.” — Arthur Fine, University of Washington

Posted on November 2, 2015