Critics’ Reviews

“Anyone interested in early modern women writers owes a debt of gratitude to Broadview Press, who produce an unrivalled range of fascinating—and affordable—texts, many available nowhere else. To this they now add Elizabeth Cary’s The Tragedy of Mariam. Stephanie Hodgson-Wright’s excellent edition of this important work is the most user-friendly available. It contextualises the play by providing full historical sources and a good range of relevant contemporary writings about gender, and it resolves some previously unsolved questions about the play. Its full, informative and subtle introduction allows the reader to engage with its key themes, like gender, performance, public and private language and public and private spaces.” — Jacqueline Pearson, University of Manchester

“Stephanie Hodgson-Wright’s edition provides the reader with both a sense of the writer’s historical context and of the play’s dramatic power.” — Christy Desmet, University of Georgia

Posted on November 2, 2015