Critics’ Reviews

“The deftness with which Dickens crafts … self-contained stories is particularly striking. … Broadview volumes [such as these] provide valuable and accessible introductions.” — Times Literary Supplement

“The compact narratives used by Dickens for his dramatic platform performances extract the essence of his comic and pathetic genius and always make for a great read. But in the Broadview edition you also get a wealth of well-considered commentary and contextual material that can bring them into sharp intellectual focus for any college class concerned with the Victorian era.” — Graham Law, Waseda University

“This concise but helpfully contextualized selection from the public readings will give students a fuller sense of Dickens—not just the writer but the performer, celebrity, and public figure.” — Leah Price, Harvard University

“This outstanding collection of Dickens’s public readings includes a helpful introduction, which very usefully places his performance fictions in the context of his personal life and literary career. The introduction and contextual documents contain illuminating material about Dickens’s process of editing and revising his novels for his public readings. Of particular interest are the contemporary reviews and descriptions of Dickens’s performances, which give readers an exceptional illustration of Dickens as performer.” — Sarah Alexander, University of Vermont

Posted on November 2, 2015