Critics’ Reviews

“If I could be a student again, this is how I would want to learn political philosophy! As a teacher of political philosophy, I cannot now imagine using any other text than Professors Fumerton’s and Jeske’s Readings in Political Philosophy. This unusual and quite ingenious collection of essays drives home political philosophy’s allegiance to moral theory, on one hand, and its responsibility to legal theory, on the other. This is a brilliant anthology that makes political philosophy simultaneously more philosophical and more practical than it has ever before been conceived.” — Heidi M. Hurd, University of Illinois

“This anthology offers new perspectives on timeless questions. Jeske and Fumerton present more than just an impressive list of readings in political philosophy. Historical texts meet contemporary theories and applications within a thematically organized format. With its dynamic structure and rich content, this anthology is bound to move instructors and inspire students.” — Idil Boran, York University

“A magnificent compendium of theory and application, guaranteed to engage readers with the centuries-long conversation about core ideals and values in political life and to illustrate the relevance of those ideals and values in contemporary law and policy. A terrific textbook for introducing students of any age to political philosophy.” — Rob Reich, Stanford University

Posted on November 2, 2015