Critics’ Reviews

“Corporate accounting fraud, collapsing bridges and cranes, journalistic scandals about plagiarism and
confidentiality and dramas at the nexus of law and medicine all raise important issues about the nature of the
professions and their ethical foundations. To help inform our understanding of these matters, Fritz Allhoff and Anand
Vaidya have assembled an important anthology, Professions in Ethical Focus, which collects seminal articles and
new essays by leading authors into a single volume. This presentation allows readers to appreciate both the
similarities across professions and the distinctiveness of each. Challenging questions and instructive points emerge
from this treatment. Do the morality and the character of each profession derive from a general sense of civic virtue or
the distinctive social role of the profession? Are central professional commitments endemic to individual professions
or invariant across them? In sum, this is a fascinating volume and a useful text for teaching about such issues.”
Rosamond Rhodes, Mount Sinai School Of Medicine

“An extremely useful collection of classic pieces and recent works. While organized around five common professions, it also provides the opportunity to investigate themes—such as confidentiality or public responsibility—that arise in virtually every profession. It thus allows an integrated approach to professional ethics which is both pedagogically helpful and long overdue.” — John Corvino, Wayne State University

Posted on November 2, 2015