Critics’ Reviews

“Adrian Hunter’s thorough introduction and detailed annotations make this an essential edition for all students of Hogg’s great novel. Like other Broadview titles, it also contains a number of auxiliary materials, such as contemporary reviews and a chronology, that will greatly enhance the reader’s appreciation.” — Duncan Wu, St. Catherine’s College, Oxford University

“Hunter’s introduction is well-informed in terms both of the novel’s intellectual context and current critical approaches, while the 1824-based text offers a clear reading version of the novel as originally published. Especially valuable are the volume’s appendices, with their well-chosen selections from earlier and contemporary writings relating to key aspects such as theological background, gothic fiction, and mental illness.” — Peter D. Garside, Cardiff University

“Hunter’s edition of Hogg’s Confessions is simply the best paperback edition currently available. His introductory essay sets out the idiosyncratic historical, theological and literary contexts of this marvellous novel in a lucid and authoritative manner, drawing on his intimate knowledge of recent Hogg scholarship.” — Simon Kövesi, University of Dundee

“Hunter presents the Confessions with accuracy and care, placing welcome emphasis on the deliberately perplexing nature of the work and Hogg’s desire to unsettle and challenge us as readers.” — Meiko O’Halloran, Linacre College, Oxford

Posted on November 2, 2015