Critics’ Reviews

“ … a craftily constructed introductory text to the philosophy of sport designed to contain a broad-based view of the discourse through seminal and important pieces of literature. … In addition to serving as a primary text in a sport philosophy-specific course, the book could serve as a supplementary selection for combination courses involving units or segments concerning sport philosophy or sport ethics.” — Adam G. Pfleegor, in Sports, Ethics, and Philosophy

“A welcome addition to the growing literature in philosophy of sport, this book, in its unique selection of core readings, exposes the reader to each specialty in philosophy of sport, providing a broad exposure to the basic questions in those specialties and an understanding of major attempts to answer these questions.” — Jan Boxill, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

Philosophy of Sport: Core Readings provides a fine entry point into the ever-expanding sport philosophy literature. This book is both nimble in its concise presentation of the discipline and functional as a key to further inquiries and critical examinations of sport. Useful to both the student and the seasoned scholar, Holt’s edited collection is a welcome addition to the growing sport philosophy library.” — Peter M. Hopsicker, Pennsylvania State University, Altoona

Philosophy of Sport: Core Readings offers a variety of the most fundamental articles ever published in the field. Jason Holt contextualizes, thematizes, and modernizes the core discussions sport philosophers have had. And he does so using insightful introductory observations, thought-provoking questions, and comments for further exploration that sport philosophy students—the future of the field—can enjoy.” — Chad Carlson, Eastern Illinois University

Posted on November 2, 2015