Critics’ Reviews

“L.W. Conolly’s edition of Mrs Warren’s Profession will be exceedingly helpful to readers of all sorts—undergraduate students, Shaw specialists, and general readers alike. Insight into Shaw’s play benefits from a knowledge of its various late-19th-century contexts, and this edition includes a wealth of contextual materials, in areas ranging from prostitution to Cambridge University. This thorough, well-researched edition is a major contribution to everyone’s understanding of Shaw’s always-up-to-date dramatic study of prostitution and capitalism.” — Jonathan Wisenthal, University of British Columbia

“This edition of Mrs Warren’s Profession, with its astonishing range of associated documents, provides an invaluable resource for students and Shaw enthusiasts, and has a good deal to offer to the seasoned Shaw scholar as well. The introduction offers a wonderfully detailed and informative account of the social, political, and theatrical contexts of Shaw’s first major play, and Conolly’s analysis of the dramatic texture of Mrs Warren’s Profession allows insight into the qualities of the play itself and why, despite the excitement of the early scandals, it has more than historic interest, and lives on today’s stage.” — Jean Chothia, University of Cambridge

Posted on November 2, 2015