Critics’ Reviews

Comments on this and the First Edition:

“Peter Morton’s text provides well-chosen primary readings from the history of modern Western philosophy, along with a small number of ancient sources. The historical texts illuminate the core contemporary readings that follow, and provide very useful context for ongoing debates in both the Philosophy of Mind and Cognitive Science. Morton’s accompanying remarks about the readings and the wider issues they raise are clear, detailed, and charitable. Students in the Philosophy of Mind will find this an immediately helpful text.” — Tim Kenyon, University of Waterloo

“The format of this book combines the virtues of both text and anthology of primary readings. Morton’s introductions to each section of the book will prove invaluable to the student; he not only gives lucid and nicely organized expositions of the views of the authors but also puts those views into the context of the issues which were current when the authors were writing. In this way the historical continuity and developmental character of the theories discussed is preserved and indeed illuminated.” — George Pappas, Ohio State University

“This is a useful selection of historical material, with illuminating commentary. It fills a real gap in the literature.” — Frances Egan, Rutgers University

Posted on November 2, 2015