Critics’ Reviews

Globalization and International Development is a superb anthology. Unlike other such collections, it brings together a diversity of philosophical, economic, and anthropological materials, conveniently providing all that one might need for an undergraduate course on global economic justice. The readings are carefully selected, accessible, and certain to stimulate productive classroom discussion. In short, an ideal textbook!” — Frank Lovett, Washington University in St. Louis

“Baber and Dimon provide a comprehensive set of readings from a range of disciplines. The book’s organization allows students to work through the positions presented, to see globalization and development beyond narrow disciplinary boundaries, and to challenge their own normative ideas about the issues raised.” — Lisa Glidden, SUNY Oswego

Globalization and International Development is an inspiring and carefully selected anthology of readings for topical-focused courses on international ethics and global justice. The readings explore crucial aspects of the global North–South divide, and voices are represented from both sides. Students are offered a wealth of empirical material, and the readings strike a good balance between articles written by philosophers and those written by social scientists.” — Harry van der Linden, Butler University

Posted on November 2, 2015