Critics’ Reviews

“I would recommend First Philosophy to anyone teaching an introductory philosophy course.”
Paul Churchland
“First Philosophy has a good selection of articles for my purposes, and the accompanying introductory background material is absolutely brilliant.”
Jillian Scott McIntosh
“This is an extremely well-done philosophy text…. [It] should become a standard in introductory philosophy classes.”
Patricia Blanchette
“The main difference between other anthologies and First Philosophy is Bailey’s supplementary material, which is excellent. The explicative material is likewise excellent: clear, highly relevant, useful, easily understood. The wonderful supplementary material makes this a very good text indeed.”
Jeff Foss
“The introductions are fabulous; students find them very helpful. Overall, First Philosophy is an excellent anthology for first-year students; the text has made my job significantly easier.”
Jennifer M. Phillips

Posted on November 2, 2015