Critics’ Reviews

“Peter Loptson’s edition of classical translations of the Discourse in Metaphysics and some related texts makes accessible in convenient form three of Leibniz’s most essential philosophical studies, as well as some instructive supplemental materials. It also provides an informative introduction that helpfully contextualizes the relevant historical and philosophical background. The book will be welcomed by all Anglophones who study and teach the thought of this great philosopher.” — Nicholas Rescher, Distinguished University Professor of Philosophy, University of Pittsburgh

“This is an excellent edition for students first encountering Leibniz’s difficult philosophical system. In addition to the three classic expressions of Leibniz’s metaphysics and epistemology, the editor provides a fascinating selection of texts that situate these works in their historical context. And of especially great value is Loptson’s excellent introduction—which can be read with profit by beginning students and Leibniz scholars alike.” — Brandon C. Look, University of Kentucky

Posted on November 2, 2015