Critics’ Reviews

“Nurses in all phases of their career and in all health care settings will welcome this stellar book on nursing ethics in its third edition. It situates nursing in the current context of health care delivery and offers depth in ethical concepts (values, principles, and theories of ethics, including a comparison of theories of justice). It also provides practical guidance about how to understand, discuss, and analyze situations of nursing ethics in practice.

Based upon the premise that nurses need to be critical thinkers and reflect upon their own ethical practice, these editors and authors focus on six key values to provide detailed discussion enhanced by case studies (several based on Canadian cases). These current and highly relevant cases highlight specific implications for nurses and provide guidance for potential best ethical approaches in care. Arguing for flexibility in use of models for ethical decision-making, the authors emphasize the need to know the person in care and seek to understand the person’s situation.” — Janet Storch, Professor Emeritus, School of Nursing, University of Victoria

Concepts and Cases in Nursing Ethics is an accomplished and masterful text. Each chapter is cogent and logically arranged. The case studies and study questions are relevant, thoughtful, and useful. The authors show considerable insight into a wide range of concepts and questions in contemporary nursing ethics. I thoroughly enjoyed reading this text and I can recommend it to all nurses.” — Alan Armstrong, University of Central Lancashire

Posted on November 2, 2015