Table of Contents

Index—Rhetorical Modes

Personal Experiences

E.B. White · Once More to the Lake
James Baldwin · Notes of a Native Son
Annie Dillard · Terwilliger Bunts One
Lucy Grealy · Pony Party
David Sedaris · Old Faithful
Temple Grandin · My Story

Global Media

Samuel Johnson · On Advertising
Naomi Klein · The Swoosh
Douglas Coupland · Cigs
Nancy Franklin · Model Citizens
Malcolm Gladwell · Brain Candy

Nature and the Environment

Virginia Woolf · The Death of the Moth
Edward Hoagland · The Courage of Turtles
Barry Lopez · The Passing Wisdom of Birds
Peter Singer · Speciesism
Don Gayton · A Cautionary Tale

Social Issues

Jonathan Swift · A Modest Proposal
W.E.B. Du Bois · A Mild Suggestion
Richard Rodriguez · Profession
Gloria Steinem · Supremacy Crimes
Robert Murray · It’s Not Like Falling Asleep
Barbara Ehrenreich · Maid to Order
Laura Robinson · Women’s Volleyball

Law and Politics

Michel de Montaigne · Of a Monstrous Child
Henry David Thoreau · Civil Disobedience
Abraham Lincoln · The Gettysburg Address
Ralph Waldo Emerson · Politics
Winston Churchill · Wars Are Not Won by Evacuations
Martin Luther King, Jr. · Letter from Birmingham Jail
Gwynne Dyer · How People Power Topples the Tyrant


John Jay Chapman · Coatesville
Martha Gellhorn · The Bomber Boys
Hannah Arendt · Deportations from Western Europe—Denmark
Robert Darnton · Workers Revolt: The Great Cat Massacre of the Rue
Philip Gourevitch · We Wish to Inform You That Tomorrow We Will Be
Killed with Our Families
Joan Didion · History Lesson
Jonathan Vance · The Soldier as Novelist

Science and Technology

Stephen Jay Gould · Entropic Homogeneity Isn’t Why No One Hits .400
Any More
Jay Ingram · This Chapter is a Yawner
Witold Rybczynski · One Good Turn
Eric Schlosser · Why the Fries Taste Good
Meenakshi Wadhwa · In Her Own Words

Human Nature

William Hazlitt · On the Pleasure of Hating
George Eliot · Only Temper
Mark Twain · Corn-Pone Opinions
Stanley Milgram · Behavioral Study of Obedience
Nicholson Baker · Changes of Mind
Richard Wrangham · Killer Species

Languages and Culture

Ernest Hemingway · Pamplona in July
George Orwell · Shooting an Elephant
N. Scott Momaday · The Way to Rainy Mountain
Ngugi wa Thiong’o · Decolonising the Mind
Perri Klass · Learning the Language
Amy Tan · Mother Tongue

Literature and Other Arts

Gilbert Highet · The Gettysburg Address
Lawrence Weschler · Comedy of Values
Maya Lin · Vietnam Veterans Memorial
Douglas Coupland · Group of Seven
Susan Sontag · Looking at War
Henry Louis Gates, Jr. · Phillis Wheatley on Trial

Glossary of Terms
Index—Author and Title

Posted on November 2, 2015