Table of Contents

Guide to Rhetorical Patterns and Devices
Chronological Table of Contents

Language and Communication

Woody Allen / Slang Origins
Russell Baker / Little Red Riding Hood Revisited
Richard Hoggart / The Case Against Advertising
Samuel Johnson / The Abuses of Advertising
George Orwell / Politics and the English Language

Literature and Audience

Sir Francis Bacon / Of Studies
Thomas De Quincey / The Literature of Knowledge and The Literature of Power
Northrop Frye / The Motive for Metaphor
Margaret Laurence / Where the World Began
Mordecai Richler / An Unquiet Awakening
Barbara Tuchman / The Historian’s Opportunity
Guy Vanderhaeghe / Influences
Virginia Woolf / How Should One Read a Book?

Film and the Media

Martin Amis / Blown Away
Kurt Andersen / The Origin of Alien Species
Bruno Bettelheim / The Art of Moving Pictures
Edward D. Castillo / Dances With Wolves: Review
Gertrude Himmelfarb / A Neo-Luddite Reflects on the Internet
Pauline Kael / New Age Daydreams [Dances With Wolves]
X.J. Kennedy / Who Killed King Kong?
Joseph Natoli / The Unforgiven: Histories and “Indians”
Rick Salutin / Loose Canons

Nature and Humankind

Rachel Carson / The Obligation to Endure
Loren Eiseley / The Bird and the Machine
Stephen Leacock / Roughing it in the Bush (My Plans for
Moose-Hunting in the Canadian Wilderness)
Farley Mowat / The Nature of the North
Mark Twain / A River Pilot Looks at the Mississippi
E.B. White / Death of a Pig
Edward O. Wilson / Storm Over the Amazon

Patterns of Social Behaviour

Gail Anderson-Dargatz / Errington, B.C.
Sir Francis Bacon / Of Marriage and Single Life
Hugh Brody / A Hearing
Daniel Francis / Re-hanging the National Wallpaper:
The Group of Seven and the Public Mind
J.H. Plumb / DeMortuis
Witold Rybczynski / Nostalgia
Garry Trudeau / To Our Valued Customers
George Woodcock / The Tyranny of the Clock

Politics and Morality

Joseph Addison / On Party-lying
Margaret Atwood / The Writer’s Responsibility
George Orwell / Shooting an Elephant
Mike Royko / Another Accolade for Charter Arms Corp.
Alan Sillitoe / Sport and Nationalism
Jonathan Swift / A Modest Proposal
Henry David Thoreau / Civil Disobedience

Society and the Individual

Ken Dryden / The Game
E.M. Forster / My Wood
Patricia Highsmith / Child’s Play 4?
Russell Hoban / Thoughts on a Shirtless Cyclist, Robin
Hood and One or Two Other Things
Edith Iglauer / Bella Coola
Hugh MacLennan / The Shadow of Captain Bligh
Jan Morris / St John’s
Wallace Stegner / Specifications for a Hero

Women in Society

Regina Barreca / How Many Feminists Does It Take to Change a Light Bulb?
Moira Fair / Dangerous Determination
Janet Flanner / Murder Among the Lovebirds
Alison Lurie / Women’s Clothes — Towards Emancipation
Noretta Koertge / Are Feminists Alienating Women from the Sciences?
Gloria Steinem / Marilyn Monroe: The Woman Who Died Too Soon
Helen Taylor / Women and Criticism
Margaret Visser / Feeding, Feasts and Females

Ethnicity and Culture

Neil Bissoondath / I Am Canadian
Susan Crean / Taking the Missionary Position
Kildare Dobbs / Matata
Fil Fraser / Black Like Me
Carole Giangrande / Allowing the Mind to Wander
Basil H. Johnston / Is That All There Is? Tribal Literature
Lenore Keeshig-Tobias / Stop Stealing Native Stories
Amy Tan / In the Canon, For All the Wrong Reasons
Martin Walker / Westward Oh!
Christine Welsh / Women in the Shadows: Reclaiming a Metis Heritage

The World of Science

Geoffrey Bibby / The Body in the Bog
Jacob Bronowski / The Real Responsibilities of the Scientist
David H. Freedman / The Aggressive Egg
Stephen Jay Gould / Posture Maketh the Man
J.B.S. Haldane / Some Enemies of Science
Jay Ingram / The Cathedral Square
Richard Selzer / The Discus Thrower
David Suzuki / The Pain of Animals
Lewis Thomas / Humanities and Science
James Trefil / Unexpected Vistas

Notes on the Authors
Index of Authors and Titles

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