Critics’ Reviews

“The unwieldiness of short fiction anthologies has impeded the serious study of this genre in the undergraduate classroom. Broadview Press offers a remedy in this gem of a book; in its impressive balance of concision and diversity, both stylistic and cultural, it is a pedagogical gift. Selections range from indispensable classics to more contemporary works that prove equally indispensable. A celebration of the short story uniquely disposed to engage students of literature and creative writing.” – Susan Holbrook, University of Windsor
“This anthology is a perfect blend of the canonical stories essential in an anthology aimed at undergraduates, and adventurous and thought-provoking selections from recent years. The publication chronology and glossary of critical terms at the back of the collection, with its references to included stories, will help students fit works into a critical tradition and into relation with each other. The brief introductions contain essential information, while giving students room to establish their own relationships to the stories.” – Maude Hines, Portland State University

Posted on November 2, 2015