Critics’ Reviews

“With the publication of The Broadview Anthology of British Literature, teachers and students in survey and upper-level undergraduate courses have a compelling alternative to the established anthologies from Norton and Longman. Having adopted the first two volumes for an early period survey course last year, I had no hesitation in repeating the experience this year. The medieval volume, in particular, is superb, with its generous representation of Anglo-Saxon and Anglo-Norman literary culture, as well as its growing collection of texts from the too little-known fifteenth century. This is a very real intellectual, as well as pedagogical, achievement.” – Nicholas Watson, Harvard University
“From the sample of Old English selections I’ve read, as well as the full and fascinating table of contents, this reasonably-priced anthology looks like a winner for courses surveying British literature from Caedmon’s Hymn to Monty Python’s Flying Circus and beyond.” – Roberta Frank, Yale University
“Broadview’s new anthology is one of the few anthologies to have a good selection of texts that includes both old favorites and lesser-known but still valuable works. It will give instructors a great deal of choice.” – Stephen Guy-Bray, University of British Columbia

Posted on November 2, 2015