Critics’ Reviews

“Bosley and Tweedale have assembled an impressive sampling of the great texts from ancient Greece and Rome. Readers will get a clear sense of this brilliant but brief moment in the Western tradition that informs so much of our own political, social, and religious thinking.” — Richard Avramenko, University of Wisconsin-Madison

“This is a splendid collection. The selections are wisely chosen and presented with clear and accessible introductions that guide students directly into the heart of the argument. I strongly recommend this as a textbook for anyone teaching in the area.” — Don Carmichael, University of Alberta

Ancient Political Thought: A Reader is an excellent anthology of sources in English translation from Archaic times to the Hellenistic age. While focusing on Plato and Aristotle, the book offers many readings from other literary genres, being therefore a precious resource for anyone interested in the complexity and variety of evidence pertaining to ancient Greek and Roman political thought.” — Monica Berti, Tufts University & University of Leipzig

Posted on November 2, 2015