Table of Contents


John Lacy

  • The Old Troop; or,
    Monsieur Raggou (1664)
    Maja-Lisi von Sneidern, ed.

John Dryden

  • Marriage a la Mode (1671)
    Brian German, ed.

William Wycherley

  • The Country Wife (1675)
    Peggy Thompson, ed.

George Etberege

  • The Man of Mode; or, Sir Fopling
    Flutter (1576)
    John H. O’Neill, ed. 155

Aphra Behn

  • The Rover; or, The Banished Cavaliers (1677)
    Anne Russell, ed. 219

John Dryden

  • All for Love; or, the World
    Well Lost (1677)
    Tanya Caldwell, ed. 275

Thomas Shadwell

  • A True Widow (1678)
    Christopher J. Wheatley, ed. 321

Thomas Otway

  • Venice Preserved; or, A Plot
    Jessica Munns, ed. 381

Thomas Southerne

  • Oroonoko (1695)
    Joyce Green MacDonald, ed. 427

John Vanbrugh

  • The Relapse; or, Virtue in Danger, Being
    the Sequel of The Fool in Fashion
    James E. Gill, ed.

William Congreve

  • The Way of the World (1700)
    Richard Kroll, ed.

Catharine Trotter

  • Love at a. Loss; or, Most Votes
    Carry It
    Roxanne M. Kent-Drury, ed.

Nicholas Rowe

  • The Fair Penitent (1703)
    Jean I. Marsden, ed.

George Farquhar

  • The Beaux’ Stratagem (1707)
    Helen M. Burke, ed.

Susanna Centlivre

  • A Bold Stroke for a Wife (1718)
    Nancy Copeland, ed.

Richard Steele

  • The Conscious Lovers (1722)
    Lisa A. Freeman, ed.

John Gay

  • The Beggar’s Opera (1728)
    Dianne Dugaw, ed.

George Lillo

  • The London Merchant; or, The
    History of George Barnwell
    Lincoln Faller, ed.

Oliver Goldsmith

  • She Stoops to Conquer; or, The
    Mistakes of a Night
    Richard A. Barney, ed.

Richard Brinsley Sheridan

  • The School for Scandal (1777)
    Mita Choudhury, ed.

Hannah Cowley

  • The Belle’s Stratagem (1780)
    Linda R. Payne, ed.


Posted on November 2, 2015