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A Bold Stroke for a Wife 

A Bold Stroke for a Wife

Written by: Susanna Centlivre
Edited by: Nancy Copeland

Series: Broadview Editions
1st Edition

Publication Date: January 01, 1995
158pp • Paperback / PDF
ISBN: 9781551110219 / 1551110210

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Though critics and literary historians have always had to admit that Susanna Centlivre’s comedies were extremely popular, they have tended to devote themselves to a search for evidence in them of supposed deficiencies of ‘the female pen,’ and to pay as much attention to the playwright’s marriages and amorous liasons than to the plays themselves. Only in recent years has Centlivre come to be recognized quite straightforwardly as one of the most brilliant playwrights of her time.

A Bold Stroke for a Wife is perhaps the finest example of Centlivre’s masterful plotting of comic intrigue. The soldier Fainwell and Anne Lovely are in love, but their path to the altar is blocked by her guardians, each of whom has a different view of what sort of husband would make the right match. Fainwell resorts to disguises of social types. The play thus provides a wide range of opportunity for Centlivre to satirize Tory respectability, religious propriety and capitalist speculative greed—and to give voice to tolerance: ‘tis liberty of choice that sweetens life.’ Yet in the end it is Centlivre’s comic muse that gives enduring life to the play as one of the most entertaining of eighteenth-century comedies.


“This edition is expertly contextualized—biographically, socially, politically, and historically—so that Centlivre’s play is positioned as an important product of early eighteenth-century theatre and culture. Copeland’s introduction is crisp, direct, and authoritative; the notes are thorough, thoughtful, and unobtrusive; and the biographical and critical appendices are welcome” — Susan Carlson, Iowa State University

Nancy Copeland is a professor in the Drama Department at Erindale College the University of Toronto, and has written widely on eighteenth-century drama.

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Life, Career, and Reputation
A Bold Stroke For A Wife
A Note on the Text

A Bold Stroke For A Wife

Dramatis Personae
Act I
Act II
Act IV
Act V

Textual Notes

Appendix: Selected Documents

  1. Biography
  2. Criticism
  3. Stockjobbing

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A Bold Stroke for a Wife

1995 • 158pp • Paperback • 9781551110219 / 1551110210

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