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Moral Matters 

Moral Matters

Written by: Jan Narveson

2nd Edition

Publication Date: January 01, 1999
337pp • Paperback / PDF
ISBN: 9781551112121 / 1551112124

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Moral Matters is a concise and accessible look at such ethical issues as euthanasia, animal rights, abortion, and pornography. It provides a focused set of views from the unified perspective of one of North America's leading libertarian thinkers, and aims to provoke thought and discussion as well as to enrich understanding.

For the new edition the text has been revised throughout, the introduction has been greatly expanded, and a new chapter on environmental issues has been added.


Moral Matters puts a marvelous breadth of concrete issues on the table, and the author expresses himself in a clear, thoughtful and engaging way... Many of the arguments are as well put as I've seen anywhere. Many are original. Many made me stop and think. Throughout the book has the great and rare virtue of being simple without being oversimplified.” - David Schmidtz, University of Arizona.

“a refreshingly direct style; this book is easy to read, and Narveson pulls no punches.” - Jocelyn Glidden, Weber State University

Moral Matters is a first-rate exploration of many of the important issues in applied or normative ethics.” - Susan Dimock, York University

Jan Narveson, Professor of Philosophy at the University of Waterloo, Ontario, is also the author of Morality and Utility and The Libertarian Idea.

Table of Contents: [Back to Top]

Chapter 1: Moral Issues and Moral Theory
Chapter 2: Suicide and the Value of Life
Chapter 3: Euthanasia
Chapter 4: Punishment, Capital and otherwise
Chapter 5: War
Chapter 6: Morals and Animals
Chapter 7: Feeding the Hungry
Chapter 8: Abortion
Chapter 9: Population: How Many People Should There Be?
Chapter 10: Morals and the Environment
Chapter 11: Sexual Ethics: Sex, Love, Marriage, and Family
Chapter 12: Pornography, Prostitution, and Sexual Harassment
Chapter 13: Non-Discrimination and Affirmative Action
Chapter 14: Obeying the Law
Afterword: On Moral Matters

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Moral Matters

1999 • 337pp • Paperback • 9781551112121 / 1551112124

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