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The Broadview Anthology of Victorian Poetry and Poetic Theory, Concise Edition 

The Broadview Anthology of Victorian Poetry and Poetic Theory, Concise Edition

Edited by: Thomas J. Collins & Vivienne J. Rundle

Publication Date: January 01, 2000
692pp • Paperback
ISBN: 9781551113661 / 155111366X

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The Broadview Anthology of Victorian Poetry and Poetic Theory, Concise Edition is less than half the length of the full anthology, but preserves the main principles of the larger work. A number of longer poems (such as Tennyson's In Memoriam) are included in their entirety; there are generous selections from the work of all major poets, and a representative selection of other work; the work of Victorian women poets features very prominently; and a substantial selection of poetic theory is included to round out the volume.


"A long-overdue collection that balances representative and canonical works with traditionally under-represented ones" - Barbara Gates, University of Delaware

"What we have needed has been the Victorian poetic texts, by many writers—and here they are, splendidly assembled! Thank you." - William N. Rogers, San Diego State University.

“A comprehensive and intelligent selection...fills a long-standing need.” - Thomas Hoberg, Northeastern Illinois University

“I'm excited about the appearance of this anthology—especially about its inclusion of so may full-text long poems.” - Peter W. Sinnema, University of Alberta

The recent work of Thomas J. Collins, Professor of English at the University of Western Ontario, includes Browning: The Poems, 2 vols., ed. with John Pettigrew (Penguin, 3rd ed. 1996), and A Concordance to the Poems and Plays of Robert Browning, 7 vols., ed. with R.J. Shroyer (AMS Press, 1996).

Vivienne J. Rundle, Assistant Professor in the Department of English  at the University of Calgary, has also written extensively on Victorian literature.

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Hemans, Felicia (1793-1835)

The Suliote Mother

The Lady of The Castle

To Wordsworth


The Grave of a Poetess

The Image In Lava

The Indian With His Dead Child

The Rock of Cader Idris

 Landon, Letitia .E. (1802-1838)

from  The Improvisatrice


Sappho’s Song

"Preface" to The Venetian Bracelet, The Lost Pleiad, A History of the Lyre, and Other Poems

The Nameless Grave

The Factory


Felicia Hemans

Rydal Water and Grasmere Lake

Infanticide in Madagascar

Elizabeth Barrett Browning (1806-1861)

The Cry of the Children

Sonnets From the Portuguese





The Runaway Slave at Pilgrim's Point

Aurora Leigh

1st Book

2nd Book

5th Book

A Curse for a Nation (Prologue)

A Musical Instrument

Caroline Norton (1808-1877)

from Voice From the Factories

The Creole Girl

The Poet's Choice

Edward Fitzgerald

Rubáiyát of Omar Khayyám

Tennyson, Alfred (1809-1892)


Supposed Confessions of a Second-Rate Sensitive Mind

The Poet

The Poet's Mind

The Mystic

The Kraken

The Lady of Shalott

To ––. With the following Poem [Palace of Art]

The Palace of Art

The Hesperides

The Lotos-Eaters (107)

The Two Voices

St Simeon Stylites



The Epic [Morte d'Arthur]

Morte d'Arthur

“Break, break, break”

Locksley Hall

The Vision of Sin

In Memoriam A.H.H. (33)

The Charge of the Light Brigade



Crossing the Bar

Browning, Robert (1812-1889)

My Last Duchess

Soliloquy of the Spanish Cloister

Johannes Agricola in Meditation

Porphyria's Lover

Pictor Ignotus

The Lost Leader

The Bishop Orders His Tomb at Saint Praxed's Church

The Laboratory

Love Among the Ruins

Fra Lippo Lippi

A Toccata of Galuppi’s

By the Fire-Side

An Epistle Containing the Strange Medical Experience of Karshish, the Arab Physician

“Childe Roland to the Dark Tower Came”

The Statue and the Bust

How It Strikes a Contemporary

The Last Ride Together

Bishop Blougram's Apology

Andrea del Sarto



Abt Vogler

Rabbi Ben Ezra

Caliban Upon Setebos; or, Natural Theology in the Island

Lear, Edward (1812-1888)

The Owl and the Pussycat

The Dong with a Luminous Nose

How Pleasant to Know Mr. Lear

Brontë, Charlotte (1816-1855)

The Missionary

Master and Pupil

On the Death of Emily Jane Brontë

On the Death of Anne Brontë


"The house was still—the room was still"

The Lonely Lady

"Is this my tomb, this humble stone"

"Obscure and little seem my way"

Brontë, Emily Jane (1818-1848)

"Riches I hold in light esteem"

To Imagination

Plead For Me


The Prisoner

"No coward soul is mine"

Stanzas—“Often rebuked, yet always back returning"

A Farewell to Alexandria

"Long neglect has worn away"

"The night is darkening round me"

"What winter floods, what showers of spring"

"She dried her tears, and they did smile"

Cook, Eliza (1818-1889)

The Waters

The Ploughshare of Old England

Song of the Red Indian

Song of The Ugly Maiden

A Song For The Workers

Clough, Arthur Hugh (1819-1861)

Duty—that's to say complying

Qui Laborat, Orat

The Latest Decalogue

"Say not the struggle nought availeth"

Speranza (Lady Wilde) (1821?-1896)

The Voice of the Poor

A Lament For the Potato

Tristan and Isolde

Arnold, Matthew (1822-1888)

To a Gipsy Child by the Sea-Shore

The Strayed Reveller


The Forsaken Merman

To Marguerite—Continued

Stanzas in Memory of the Author of "Obermann"

Empedocles on Etna

Memorial Verses

Dover Beach

The Buried Life

Stanzas from the Grande Chartreuse

The Scholar-Gipsy


Rossetti, Dante Gabriel (1828-1882)

The Blessed Damozel

My Sister's Sleep


"A Sonnet is a moment's monument,—"

Nuptial Sleep

The Portrait

Silent Noon


The Soul's Sphere

The Landmark

Autumn Idleness

The Hill Summit

Old and New Art

Soul's Beauty

Body's Beauty

A Superscription

The One Hope

Munby, Arthur (1828-1910)

The Serving Maid

Woman's Rights

Siddal, Elizabeth (1829-1862)

The Lust of the Eyes

Worn Out

At Last

Love and Hate

Rossetti, Christina (1830-1894)

Goblin Market

A Birthday

After Death

An Apple Gathering


"No, Thank you, John"



A Better Resurrection

"The Iniquity of the Fathers Upon the Children"

Monna Innominata 1 - 14

"For Thine Own Sake, O My God"

In an Artist's Studio

Carroll, Lewis (1832-1898)


The Walrus and the Carpenter

Morris, William (1834-1896)

The Defence of Guinevere

The Haystack in the Floods

Swinburne, Algernon Charles (1837-1909)

The Triumph of Time



Hymn to Proserpine

The Leper

The Garden of Proserpine

A Forsaken Garden

At A Month's End

Ave Atque Vale

Webster, Augusta (1837-1894)


A Castaway

Mother and Daughter Sonnets

Sonnet VI - VII

Sonnet IX

Sonnet XIII - XVII

Hardy, Thomas (1840-1928)


Neutral Tones

A Broken Appointment

The Darkling Thrush

The Self-Unseeing

In Tenebris

The Minute Before Meeting

Night in the Old Home

The Something that Saved Him


A Young Man's Exhortation

Snow in the Suburbs

In a Wood

Hopkins, Gerard Manley (1844-1899)

The Wreck of the Deutschland

God's Grandeur

The Windhover

Felix Randal

"As kingfishers catch fire, dragonflies draw flame"

The Leaden Echo and the Golden Echo

Carrion Comfort

"No worst, there is none"

Tom's Garland

Harry Ploughman

Field, Michael


La Gioconda

"Death, men say, is like a sea"

"Ah, Eros doth not always smite"

"Sometimes I do despatch my heart"

"Solitary Death, make me thine own"

"A curling thread"

Love's Sour Leisure

"It was deep April, and the morn"

An Aeolian Harp

Meynell, Alice (1847-1922)

A Letter form a Girl to Her Own Old Age

In February

A Father of Women

The Threshing Machine


(I) In Ireland

(II) In “Othello”

(III) In Two Poets

Wilde, Oscar (1854-1900)




le jardin

la mer

Symphony in Yellow

Kipling, Rudyard (1865-1889)


In the Neolithic Age


The White Man's Burden


Johnson, Lionel (1867-1902)

The Dark Angel

Summer Storm


The End


The Darkness

In a Workhouse

Bagley Wood

The Destroyer of a Soul

The Precept of Silence

A Proselyte

Mew, Charlotte (1869-1909)

The Farmer's Bride

In Nunhead Cemetery

The Road To Kérity

I Have Been Through The Gates

The Cenotaph

V. R. I.

i. January 22nd, 1901

ii. January 2nd, 1901


Fox, William Johnson (1786-1864)

Tennyson ~ Poems, Chiefly Lyrical ~ 1830

Hallam, Arthur Henry (1811-1833)

On some of the Characteristics of Modern Poetry

Landon, Letitia E. (1802-1838)

On the Ancient and Modern Influence of Poetry Pub. 1832

Mill, John Stuart (1806-1873)

"What is poetry?"

Browning, Robert (1812-1889)

An Essay on Percy Bysshe Shelley

Clough, Arthur Hugh

Recent English Poetry: A Review of Several Volumes of Poems by Alexander Smith, Mathew Arnold, and others

Arnold, Matthew (1822-1888)

Preface to the 1853 Edition of Poems

Ruskin, John (1819-1900)

Of the Pathetic Fallacy

Arnold, Matthew (1822-1888)

The Function of Criticism at the Present Time

Bagehot, Walter (1826-1877)

Wordsworth, Tennyson, and Browning; or, Pure, Ornate, and Grotesque Art in English Poetry

Buchanan, Robert (1841-1901)

The Fleshly School of Poetry: Mr. D.G. Rossetti

Rossetti, Dante Gabriel (1828-1882)

The Stealthy School Of Criticism

Swinburne, Algernon Charles (1837-1909)

Under The Microscope

Pater, Walter (1839-1890)

Preface to The Renaissance: Studies in Art and Poetry

Hopkins, Gerard Manley (1844-1889)

Author's Preface

Meynell, Alice


Robert Browning

The Rhythm of Life


Index of First Lines

Index of Authors and Titles

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The Broadview Anthology of Victorian Poetry and Poetic Theory, Concise Edition

2000 • 692pp • Paperback • 9781551113661 / 155111366X

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