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Sexual Harassment 

Sexual Harassment

An Introduction to the Conceptual and Ethical Issues

Written by: Keith Dromm

Publication Date: March 30, 2012
172pp • Paperback / PDF / ePub
ISBN: 9781554810109 / 1554810108

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Sexual Harassment: An Introduction to the Conceptual and Ethical Issues covers the most important normative, conceptual, and legal issues associated with sexual harassment. Keith Dromm provides an insightful introduction to the theoretical and practical discussion, examining the most influential approaches to sexual harassment and offering his own analyses. Each chapter ends with review questions, discussion questions, and suggestions for group activities.


"The best book currently available on the subject. Essential reading for anyone teaching or thinking about sexual harassment in the contemporary philosophical, legal, and business professions." - Martin Clancy, Professor and Chair of Philosophy, University of Missouri-Kansas City

"Dromm provides a thorough and insightful treatment of the issues surrounding sexual harassment. Sexual Harassment: An Introduction to the Conceptual and Ethical Issues offers a rare combination of rigor and accessibility that makes it ideal for classroom use; students will find a clear and fair treatment of the topic, but one that also advances the debate on several fronts." - J. Jeremy Wisnewski, Associate Professor of Philosophy, Hartwick College

"More than a sexual harassment training manual, [Dromm's] philosophical approach encourages independent and creative thought about the issues. ...for those who are looking for an accessible introduction to the issues for use in undergraduate courses in business and professional ethics, this one is worth checking out." - Debra Jackson, Teaching Philosophy

Keith Dromm is Associate Professor of Philosophy at Louisiana Scholars' College at Northwestern State University.

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Chapter One: What Is Sexual Harassment?

  1. History and Public Awareness of Sexual Harassment
  2. Defining the Term
  3. Applying the Term
  4. Summary

Chapter Two: What Is Wrong with Sexual Harassment?

  1. Sexual Harassment as Wrongful Communication
  2. Sexual Harassment as Discrimination
  3. Sexual Harassment and the At-Will Doctrine
  4. Summary

Chapter Three: Where Can Sexual Harassment Occur?

  1. Sexual Harassment in the Professions
  2. Power and Coercion
  3. Coercion in the Professions
  4. Sexual Harassment in Public
  5. Power and Sexual Harassment
  6. Summary

Chapter Four: How Can Sexual Harassment Occur?

  1. Consensual Relationships
  2. Love and Prohibited Relationships
  3. Types of Threat
  4. Context and Coercion
  5. Relationships between Faculty and Students
  6. Self-Assessments and the Judgments of Others
  7. Summary

Conclusion: How Do We Prevent Sexual Harassment? Five Recommendations

  1. Understand Sexual Harassment
  2. Develop and Implement Sexual Harassment Initiatives
  3. Advocate for Changes in the Law
  4. Understand the Difficulties in Assessing Consent
  5. Appreciate Sexual Harassment as a Serious, Pervasive Harm

Appendix A: Legal Definitions of Sexual Harassment

Appendix B: Websites

Appendix C: Sexual Harassment in Film and Television




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Sexual Harassment

2012 • 172pp • Paperback • 9781554810109 / 1554810108

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