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A Strategic Guide to Technical Communication - Second Edition 

A Strategic Guide to Technical Communication - Second Edition

Written by: Heather Graves & Roger Graves

2nd Edition

Publication Date: May 23, 2012
325pp • Paperback / PDF / ePub
ISBN: 9781554811076 / 1554811074

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A Strategic Guide to Technical Communication incorporates useful and specific strategies for writers, to enable them to create aesthetically appealing and usable technical documentation. These strategies have been developed and tested on a thousand students from a number of different disciplines over twelve years and three institutions. The second edition adds a chapter on business communication, reworks the discussion on technical style, and expands the information on visual communication and ethics into free-standing chapters.

The text is accompanied by a passcode-protected website containing materials for instructors (PowerPoint lectures, lesson plans, sample student work, and helpful links).


"A Strategic Guide to Technical Communication provides clear and focused instruction on important elements of technical writing, including genre, structure, purpose, usability, visuals, and technical prose. My students found the explanations and guidance offered consistently accessible and useful. I appreciated the well-grounded theoretical approach, as well as the pedagogical support. The second edition strengthens an already valuable textbook by bringing genres to the fore, treating ethics more distinctly, and focusing on issues specific to technical prose, particularly clarity and plain language. The use-value of this textbook is outstanding!" - Patricia Lynne, Framingham State University

"A Strategic Guide to Technical Communication covers all the important concepts in an undergraduate Technical Writing class. It has chapters on necessary forms and formats and also pays a good deal of attention to the nuances of persuasive writing and what constitutes clear technical prose. The book is easy to follow, clear, and precise. I highly recommend it." - Andrea Clark Mason, Washington State University

Heather Graves is Associate Professor of English at the University of Alberta. Roger Graves is Professor of English and Director of Writing Across the Curriculum at the University of Alberta.

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Academics please note:
This textbook has an instructor's website with handouts, PowerPoint lectures, lesson plans, links, and sample projects. An access code for this website is included with your examination copy.

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Chapter 1: Thinking about Audience, Purpose, and Genre

Chapter 2: Leading and Misleading the Reader: Ethical Issues of Technical Communication

Chapter 3: Researching Technical Subjects

Chapter 4: Writing Technical Prose

Chapter 5: Designing Documents and Page Layout

Chapter 6: Communicating Through Visuals:Visual Technical Communication

Chapter 7: Writing Email and Letters for the Workplace

Chapter 8: Writing Winning Proposals

Chapter 9: Reporting Technical Information

Chapter 10: Writing How-To Documents

Chapter 11: Testing and Reporting Document Usability

Chapter 12: Taking Technical Communication Online: Sharing Documents Electronically and Writing Online Documents

Chapter 13: Presenting Technical Communication Orally


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A Strategic Guide to Technical Communication - Second Edition

2012 • 325pp • Paperback • 9781554811076 / 1554811074

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