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Animals and Ethics, third edition - US, CAN

The Atheist's Primer - US, CAN

A Brief Introduction to the Philosophy of Mind - US, CAN

Concepts and Cases in Nursing Ethics, third edition - US, CAN

Contemporary Feminist Theory and Activism - US, CAN

Corporate Social Responsibility - US, CAN

Critical Thinking, fifth edition - CAN

Critical Thinking, sixth edition - US

Deductive Logic in Natural Language - US, CAN

The Dimensions of Ethics - US, CAN

Ethics and Professionalism in Engineering - US, CAN

The Extraordinary in the Ordinary - US, CAN

A Feminist I - US, CAN

God, the Devil, and the Perfect Pizza - US, CAN

The Grasshopper - US, CAN

Human Rights: Concept and Context - US, CAN

Humanitarian Intervention - US, CAN

Hypocrisy: Ethical Investigations - US, CAN

The Immorality of Punishment - US, CAN

Incompatibilism's Allure - US, CAN

Introducing Symbolic Logic - US, CAN

An Introduction to Epistemology, second edition - US, CAN

An Introduction to Philosophical Methods - US, CAN

Is That A Fact? - US, CAN

The Logic of Hegel's Logic - US, CAN

Logicism and the Philosophy of Language - US, CAN

Mental Causation and the Metaphysics of Mind - US, CAN

The Morality of War - US, CAN

More Precisely - US, CAN

Natural Beauty - US, CAN

Natural Deduction - US, CAN

Nonviolence, Peace, and Justice - US, CAN

Nothing so Absurd: An Invitation to Philosophy - US, CAN

Perspectives on the Philosophy of Language - US, CAN

The Philosopher's Dictionary, third edition - US, CAN

Philosophical Conversations - US, CAN

The Price of Compassion - US, CAN

Scientific Thinking - US, CAN

Seeking God in Science - US, CAN

Self-Knowledge - US, CAN

Sexual Harassment: An Introduction to the Conceptual and Ethical Issues - US, CAN

Suicide: The Philosophical Dimensions - US, CAN

Theories of Human Nature, third edition - US, CAN

There Are Two Errors in the the Title of This Book - US, CAN

Wittgenstein and the Practice of Philosophy - US, CAN

Yes, But How Do You Know? - US, CAN



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