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Choosing our books as course texts

Choosing Broadview Titles

The most important reason for choosing Broadview books for your courses will always be that you see them offering better value than competing books from other publishers. Sometimes it's better value purely in terms of price— in many cases a core textbook from Broadview will be far less expensive to the student than a competing textbook from a larger publisher. But it may equally well be better value of a different sort. You may well decide that the extraordinarily thorough introductory material in anthologies such as First Philosophy or The Broadview Anthology of Social and Political Thought puts those books in a different league from the competition— regardless of price. You may well decide purely on grounds of quality (as hundreds and hundreds of academics have now done) that it's worth asking students to pay a few dollars more for The Broadview Anthology of British Literature than they would for the equivalent volume(s) from the leading competitor; as many have commented, the Broadview "sets a new standard." You may well decide that a Broadview Edition represents better value even when the competitor costs two or three dollars less. With a Broadview Edition you can feel confident that your students will have an edition with extensive (and reliable) explanatory notes, as well as a thorough introduction, a chronology, and wide-ranging appendices of background contextual materials. Is it worth it, when the difference in price between the Broadview and an edition that offers much less is generally no more than the price of a cup of coffee? We think so, and we are very pleased indeed that more and more academics are coming to agree.

There are also many academics— and we are grateful to them!— who choose Broadview whenever possible "all else being equal." They may in some cases see no great difference between a critical thinking textbook or writing guide or essay collection from Broadview and one from another press, but want to give their business whenever possible to a company that they feel is worth supporting. A company that has remained independent of the large conglomerates in a publishing industry that has become increasingly homogenized. A company that strives through its publishing program to make a real contribution to scholarship as well as to pedagogy. A company that provides outstanding customer service. A company that has a firm commitment to keeping titles in print wherever possible (every title ever published in the Broadview Editions series remains in print today). A company that is committed to doing its best not just for its shareholders but also for its authors, its staff, and its customers— academics, students, and readers of all sorts. That's the course we have followed through our first quarter century— and that's the course we expect to follow through the next one. We thank all of you who are helping us to make it happen!


"... Broadview is to be congratulated for doing so much to keep our literary past open and alive." - Ian Duncan, English Department Chair, University of California, Berkeley

"Broadview Press is such an integral part of my experience as a teacher and scholar that without its editions, I simply could not have taught the classes I've been teaching for the past ten years." - Helen Thompson, Northwestern University

"... I hardly ever make a syllabus without one or more books from the Broadview list. Broadview more than any other press has radically expanded our students' sense of the variety and complexity of the literary past." - David Simpson, G.B. Needham Professor of English, University of California, Davis

"The Broadview series is not just great for teaching; it has also changed the way we do scholarship." - Suzanne Daly, University of Massachusetts, Amherst


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